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Case Studies Evaluating EOR, Flood Performance, and Pad Development using Tracers

Free Webinar

The success of reservoir operations is dependent on completion and reservoir development strategies that correctly answer the challenges of well design, geology, target zone selection and reservoir complexity. In each case, these challenges ultimately relate to an understanding of the water, oil and gas production along the wellbore and their movement within the reservoir. Liquid molecular tracer technology is a low-cost method to obtain detailed and reliable flow information during reservoir development.

In this live webinar we will address, through case studies, how chemical tracers can help to provide significant insight during unconventional well design and completions. We will also discuss EOR enhancement opportunities and validate the effectiveness of an EOR strategy in conventional wells using interwell tracers with remaining oil saturation measurements, and by using long term-controlled release tracers for a continuous profile of well production performance. Register at the link below:

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