2020-2021 Officers:

Jessica Wold - President

Blackbeard Operating, LLC

Fort Worth, TX

Trey Cortez - President-Elect

Burnett Oil Company

Fort Worth, TX

Jonathan Ney - Vice-President

Black Mountain Oil and Gas

Fort Worth, TX

Samantha Patterson - Treasurer

Lonestar Resources

Fort Worth, TX

Candice Carrell - Secretary

Invito Energy Partners

Dallas, TX

Please email genfwgssec@gmail.com to contact the FWGS.

Past Officers:

Chris Presmyk - Past President 2019-2020


Irving, TX

Michael Kohl - Past President 2018-19

Jetta Operating Co.
Fort Worth, TX

Joseph B. Dishron - Past President 2017-18

Midland, TX

Clark Osterlund - Past President-Elect 2017-18

XTO Energy
Houston, TX

Rebecca Harrington - Past President 2016-17

Flat Creek Resources
Fort Worth, TX

Amy Patterson - Past President 2015-16

Jetta Operating Co.
Fort Worth, TX

AAPG Delegates:

Joseph Dugan - through 2022