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Rock Texture

Tuesday June 29th


Keynote Speaker

Parker Reese, Ameridev, Key Trends of the Roaring 20’s


Invited Guest

Rick Fritz, AAPG, Pivots—Always Pay Attention to the Really Big Things

Morning Technical Presentations

Special Session: STARR Studies of the Eastern Shelf and Fort Worth Basin

  • Lorena Moscardelli, UT-BEG, State of Texas Advanced Resource Recovery Program (STARR) and Its Role Supporting Knowledge Sharing and Creation in the Permian Basin, Eastern Shelf and Fort Worth Basin

  • Peter Flaig, UT-BEG, Examples of Depositional Systems of the Strawn Group in the Fort Worth Basin and Eastern Shelf of the Permian Basin

  • Robert Reed, UT-BEG, Variability of Quartz Types in the Upper Mississippian Barnett Shale, Fort Worth Basin, Wise County, Texas: Implications for Rock Brittleness

  • Andrew Roberts, UT-BEG, Controls on facies variability and distribution during the Pennsylvanian glacial period from the Lower Strawn Group, Fort Worth Basin, Texas

  • Osareni Ogiesoba, UT-BEG, Simultaneous Seismic Inversion Study of the Northern Part of the Eastern Shelf, King County, Central Texas

Afternoon Technical Presentations

Permian Basin Session

  • Ian Duncan, UT-BEG, Geology and reservoir properties of the Residual Oil Zone (ROZ) of the San Andres Seminole Unit, West Texas

  • Dennis Browning, Panther City Exploration, Hiding in Plain Sight: Devonian Production in the Block A-50 Field, Andrews County, Texas

  • Shuvajit  Bhattacharya, UT-BEG, Building Geology-informed Deep Learning Models for better Predicting Elastic Properties of the Spraberry-Wolfcamp in the Midland Basin

  • Linda Sternbach, Star Creek, Guadalupe National Park/ Delaware Basin Virtual Field Trip #1

  • Dwayne Purvis, Consultant, Insights to Log Analysis of the Southern Delaware Mountain Group

  • Fritz Palacios, UT-BEG, An Updated Eastern Shelf-Midland Basin Stratigraphic Framework across the Southern Greater Permian Basin: Implications for the Distribution of Virgilian and Wolfcampian Reservoirs

  • Jinyu Zhang, UT-BEG, Lithofacies segmentation in cores of Wilcox Group (Gulf of Mexico) and Spraberry Formation (Permian Basin) using U-net based convolutional neural networks

  • Junwen Peng, UT-BEG, Quartz types in the Upper Pennsylvanian organic-rich Cline Shale (Wolfcamp D), Midland Basin, Texas

Wednesday June 30th

Morning Technical Presentations

Special Session: West Texas Permian Super Basin

  • Bill Fairhurst, Riverford Exploration, West Texas (Permian) Super Basin, USA: Super Basin concepts, introduction, resource exploration, and development history

  • Tom Ewing, Frontera Exploration Consultants, West Texas (Permian) Super Basin, USA: Tectonics and Depositional History

  • Andy Pepper, This is Petroleum Systems , West Texas (Permian) Super Basin, USA: source rocks and petroleum systems

  • Robert Lindsay, Lindsay Consulting , West Texas (Permian) Super Basin, USA: Leonardian-Guadalupian Traditional Reservoirs

  • Bill Fairhurst, Riverford Exploration, West Texas (Permian) Super Basin, USA: Unconventional Resources and Future Potential


Afternoon Technical Presentations

Permian, East Texas, and Beyond Session

  • Craig Barrie, Applied Petroleum Technology, Fluid Geochemistry Applications & Challenges in Unconventional Resource Plays

  • Andrew Sneddon, MCWL Paladin, Advanced Wellsite Geochemistry for Light Hydrocarbon Analysis in Unconventional Resources

  • Kelly Hattori, UT-BEG, Facies and sequence stratigraphy of the Early Cretaceous Pettet Formation, Rusk County, East Texas

  • Heather Anderson, Consultant, The Great Crew Change: Preparing for the Energy Transition & Petroleum Industry of the Future by Transferring & Preserving Institutional Knowledge

  • Linda Sternbach, Star Creek, Guadalupe National Park/ Delaware Basin Virtual Field Trip #2

  • David Tonner, Diversified Well Logging, Surface Logging while Drilling (SLWD) improves reservoir characterization and capital efficiency

  • Tom Johnston, ShearFrac, Fracture Type Identification for Real-Time Pumping Parameters Optimization to Maximize Hydraulic Fracturing Surface Area for Production

  • Xuewei Ning, UT-Arlington, A new model for simulating imbibition process of wetting-phase fluid in matrix-fracture dual connectivity system

Poster Sessions 

  • Jason Young, UT-Arlington, Structure and Lithofacies of a Middle Permian (Guadalupian) Carbonate Debris Flow Complex, Apache Mountains, West Texas

  • Joshua Lewis, UT-El Paso, Method development for preconcentration and quantification of critical elements in Permian Basin Produced Waters

  • Christopher McCauley, UT-Arlington, Late Silurian (Ludlow, Pridoli) and Earliest Devonian (Lochkovian) Colonial Agglutinated Foraminifers, Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma

  • Ryan Collins, UT-Arlington, Stratigraphy and Distribution of Fusulinids within the Porvenir Formation (Pennsylvanian, Desmoinesian) southwest of Las Vegas, New Mexico

  • Clayton Freimuth, TCU, Determining Leeb Hardness and its Controlling Factors to Assess the Strength of Sedimentary Rocks

  • Andrew Hudgens, TCU, Spatial variation of sediment sources and its implications: U-Pb detrital zircon core-rim age analyses of the Mississippian Stanley Group in the Ouachita Mountains

  • Bo Henk, TCU, Evidence for Tidal Influence in the Deposits of the Upper Woodbine, North-Central Texas

  • Blake Warwick, TCU, Geochemical, Geomechanical, and Petrophysical Research Capabilities of the TCU Core Lab

  • Maria Richards, SMU, Geothermal Resource Drive Towards Development


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