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2021 SWS AAPG Convention Short CoursE

Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Characterization in Mixed Systems - Applications in the Southwest and Rocky Mountain Region

presented by

Dr. Rick Sarg

Colorado School of Mines

June 28, 2021 at the Radisson-Fossil Creek


  • Short course is free to the first 200 full convention virtual or in-person registered attendees

  • Participants earn 8 hours of continuing education credit

  • Make sure to add the Short Course Participation ticket to your registration so we can plan on your attendance, virtual or in-person!

  • If attending in person, there is an option to add a Short Course Catered Lunch to your ticket for $20

  • Room will be set-up classroom style with power available for you to bring your laptop

Abstract: This one-day short course covers the application of seismic sequence stratigraphy, carbonate and siliciclastic lithofacies, and diagenesis to exploration and reservoir characterization in mixed carbonate/clastic systems.


The workshop will include examples of both conventional and unconventional reservoirs from the southwest US and Rocky Mountain regions that range from Middle Paleozoic to Permian in age. The workshop combines seismic, well log and rock data, to develop interpretations that help predict carbonate hydrocarbon systems, and characterize conventional and unconventional carbonate reservoirs and seals. The workshop covers (1) a review of carbonate and mixed depositional systems; (2) slope to basin deposition in mixed fine-
grained dominated depositional systems; (3) a summary of diagenetic alterations controlling porosity distribution; and (4) a summary of macro- and micro-pore reservoirs and specifically focusing on mud rocks.

Aerial Photo of a Coast
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