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Aerial Shot of Seashore

Multiple Transgressive/Regressive Cycles of the Pennsylvanian Upper Strawn and Lower Canyon Groups of Palo Pinto County, Texas

presented by

Jeff Daniels

Presidio Petroleum, Fort Worth, TX

* * 8 stop digital field guide included with convention registration * *

Meeting Sunday June 27th from 3-5pm at the Mineral Wells Fossil Park

Bring your family to enjoy fossil hunting and discuss the field trip stops

Light snacks and water provided

This day trip road log describes 8 outstanding representative outcrop exposures in the greater Mineral Wells area that demonstrate the interplay of nearshore deposits. Fluvial/Deltaic complexes, shallow platform carbonates, and open marine shale environments are well represented and described relative to their position within the Fort Worth Basin and the eastern paleo Ouachita highlands. Diagnostic bedding styles, rock types, and fossil assemblages are prominently displayed, and key academic research is integrated at these localities to clearly tell the story of the deposition of these formations ~300-310 million years ago. These facies and the physical scale of the various formations encountered should provide a better understanding and interpretation of similar depositional styles in other basins.

2021 SWS AAPG Convention Digital Field Trip GUIDE
& Fossil Hunting

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